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Nothing to see here.

Shoo, you should not be here, go to my new blog instead.

Journal dead

This journal is pretty much dead.

If you're interested in what I am doing these days, I suggest reading the company blog for my new company Nordaaker Ltd that I started with Arne Fismen to contain our web apps, which include iusethis.com, iwatchthis.com and phiary.com.

Oslo rooftops at sunset

Oslo rooftops at sunset
Originally uploaded by Marcus Ramberg.
With the winter coming to Oslo, it's dark before we leave work, and it feels a bit depressing, but the great sunsets gives a little consolation.

This one was shot from the window of my office in Mølleparken, Oslo

Wise words about PHP

11:38 < RandyWalker> what's wrong with php? :O
12:09 < hachi> I mostly have issues with the syntax and extendability of it.
From my point of view it's a language that does a few things
well, but when it does something badly... it's bad enough to
drive me mad.
12:11 < hachi> I mostly treat it like a templating language now. I wouldn't try
to write an IRC server in it
12:13 < hachi> I do reserve the right to change my personal opinion of this
later though.
from ##marsedit@irc.freenode.net

mojomojo has a new home.

The SVN repo is now available from http://code2.0beta.co.uk/mojomojo/svn/ . Expect a CPAN release soonish.

Catalyst swag to hide your shame

Love Catalyst? Now you can show your support, and further Catalyst development at the same time, by shopping t-shirts from our our Cafepress store. Income is used to pay for features throuh the 'I wrote a new feature for Catalyst and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' program.

Tumbling along

Shiver me timbers - the orgins of the jolly pirate term.
Cats Can Has Grammar - Trends in intarweb language.
369 and counting - Need to move a flea circus?
UnixJunkie - Blog about unix and mac stuff by a google engineer.
TMNT Theme song - This accidentally got stuck in the mind of a developer at work.
uncovering web 2.0 - The horrors of web 2.0 done wrong.
MacFUSE 2.5 - Now allows you to eject ssh filesystems on timeout.
Norwegian Wood - We just bought concert tickets for friday, looking forward to Korn!
Perlitist - Cool tech blog about perl and other web technologies.
This week we pushed a new Catalyst release to cpan. While it doesn't contain any revolutionary news, it has some neat performance improvements and bug fixes that makes it well worth the upgrade. Check out the release announcement here.

From twitter

davehodg: ilmari just pointed out today is today is 13/3/7!
In case you are paranoid about people uploading 2 gig kitty-porn to DOS your server, like zamolxes, and you are running lighttpd like any sensible person (read 'me'), here's the option to restrict the max size of post requests:

server.max-request-size 104857600

would restrict it to 100 megabytes. If you need a smaller size, just ask google :)